About Merge

Born out of REHLM's collective experiences, Merge connects with the themes of climate, protest, and imperial legacy and how they continue to shape and stem the flow of The Estuary.

Visitors can collect a printed version of the zine and interact with artworks, or they can use a QR code (found at the site of the rubbings) and read or listen to the stories behind the artworks.

Dates and locations

Gunners Park, Shoeburyness
28th - 29th May 2021 11am - 5pm
Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea
5th - 6th June 2021 11am - 5pm
Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea, Basildon
12th - 13th June 2021 11am - 5pm

Meet the creators of Merge

Originating from diverse locations across the UK, REHLM - Creative Producers, formed in 2021, coming together whilst studying at The University of Essex, East15 Acting School.

We highly value creative work and projects that are inclusive, honest, and respectful and that challenge our creativity ensuring we produce high quality, unique work.

Rochelle Thomas

Rochelle Thomas is a writer, director and producer; who aims to amplify Black British stories through film and digital media. Oh! and she’s a proud Londoner!!

Rochelle Thomas photo

Hugh Clifford

Hugh Clifford is a writer, director and producer; hailing from the Five Valleys of Stroud. His work focuses on themes of environmentalism and class.

Hugh Clifford photo

Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall is an Essex-based writer, director and creative producer, dedicated to high-quality, creative education through theatre and film.

Laura Marshall photo

Eden Richards

Emerging creative producer, writer, director and artist Eden Richards is fascinated by stories that question social norms and inspire change.

Eden Richards photo

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