Merge interactive festival

29th May - 13th June

Merge is an interactive collection of works that represent narratives of The Estuary.

About Merge and its creators

Born out of REHLM's collective experiences, Merge connects with the themes of climate, protest, and imperial legacy and how they continue to shape and stem the flow of The Estuary.

Discover the artworks and their stories

Commissioning local and international artists to respond to four locations and stories marked in both place and time along the estuary, Merge has commissioned four bespoke interactive artworks.

Meet the artists behind the work

Grover Jeide, Scott Irving, Carol Polatch and Madelaine Hanman Murphy are the four artists commissioned to make a unique piece of interactive art, representing key locations along the estuary.

About the Estuary festival

23 Days of Art, Music, Literature and Film.

Estuary 2021 is the second edition of the large-scale arts festival that celebrates the lives, landscapes and histories of the spectacular Thames Estuary.

Taking place on the river itself and along the 107 miles of South Essex and North Kent coastline, contemporary artworks, discussion and events explore and respond to powerful themes resonant to the estuary.

Estuary 2021 is led by a partnership between estuary-based arts organisations, Metal (South Essex) and Cement Fields (North Kent).

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